New Look to our Website

Good morning!

As you can see, we are rebuilding our website… lots of good photos so you are able to see our beautiful handmade soap and earth-friendly products at their best! We are taking all new photos of our products. We are even working on new labeling. Take a gander at our Calendula Cream… very lovely to look at and what’s inside that jar is dynamite!

Our nifty online store is on-site, so you are tossed into the stratisphere or in a cloud… no, you’ll stay right here with us. You also will have the ability to use PayPal or your favorite debit or credit card; I know a number of you have missed the PayPal option.

We can also set up sales for your whole cart or one item. We are able to send you special coupon codes along with special savings events.

As for shipping, it is now equitable and not a flat rate that charges too much. It is incremental. If you buy one bar of soap or a greeting card, it will ship to you for a couple of dollars, not $5 or $10 – that was driving me nuts. The ‘business saavy’ told me not to worry about that… if people wanted my soap, they would pay that much. Be that as it may, it’s not right, and that’s not the way we work around here!

You will also notice that you can set up an account so you enter your shipping information one time! Next time you swing by, the store will know all your shipping info, so you will not have to type it in again!

You will also be able to comment on products you’ve purchased to share your experience using that product. We all like to know something about a product before we buy it; if possible.

And… we can visit with you from time to time, just like now.

Take care. If you have any questions, use that nifty form on the Contact Us page. Your message will get to me lickity split!