Memorial Day Weekend!

IMG_20160528_081915This is quite the long weekend. Most of us have been waiting with great anticipation of the first holiday weekend of the season. Camping, fishing, hiking or staying home… with lots of family time.

Please take time to remember what the Holiday is all about… ‘those in memorial’… those who have perished in the service of our country.

I mostly think of family members who came before me and helped make our country the fantastic place it is. Many of my people have been in this country since 1636 when Capt. Edmund Greenleaf landed on the shores of this continent, and settled Newberry, Massachusetts. A lot of history and too many wars have occured between 1636 and now; with ancestors buried in National graveyards and honored for their service. My Dad and Mom are in Arllington National Cemetary. If you happen by them, please give a nod and say hello for me. Berlin Brown and Lorraine Emma (Greenleaf) Vandevender. Dad served in WWII, Korea and Vietnam. He came home.

IMG_20160528_083457Cousin Joe did not, his name is now and forever on the Vietnam Memorial Wall… look for Joe Vandevender on Panel 61 – Line 18; he died all too early, at the tender age of 18.

Take good care, all and be safe.