Knitting, Gaggle & Chat

2017 Recycler of the Year Award Winner!

First Friday – Knitting, Gaggle & Chat

Each First Friday from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m., we gather together to knit, chat, spin and have fun. We help new knitters & spinners practice their skills as well as learn from our well-seasoned craftsmen.

We have up-turned 5-gallon buckets to use as seats; bring a pillow to soften them up at bit. Or bring your own chair. We have limited floor space, so we cram ourselves together, as only chummy/happy people can.

We have ‘gen-u-ine’ store-bought cookies to satisfy your sweet tooth (unless someone has been baking and brings in homemade goodies). Bring your favorite beverage, otherwise you get our beautiful Bremerton City Water, straight from the tap or my percolated coffee (yes, you can see the coffee go bloop, bloop, bloop in the glass lid).

Now, if that doesn’t give you pause and reason to come and spend time with us come First Friday, I don’t know what will.

Come on down and visit. We;’ll have some fun knitting, nibbling and maybe learn something new!

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