Jackson Browne – Musician, Composer, Environmentalist and a Winner of our prestigious Swamp Dog Katie’s 5-Paw Rating!

Today I am away from the shop, at home, and doing chores. A day away from the shop is certainly not a day off; not by a long shot!

When doing chores, I listen to music, usually via Pandora; this afternoon asking for Jackson Browne. Between washing windows (with the earth-friendly soap I make, not Windex or any other of those chemical bomb cleaners), I wondered to myself, “Who is Jackson Browne?”

I know he is a composer musician who has made me smile and cry over the years with his creations. On a lighter note, I also would have jumped his bones, should the chance ever have presented itself; back when I was a sweet young thing.

That is pretty much all I could have told you about him, until a few moments ago. If F.R.O.G. Soap had a Board of Directors; I’d want him to serve at least one term on it.

I learned he is a fellow environmentalist. We, F.R.O.G. Soap and I, won the Recycler of the Year Award for Washington State, while Mr. Browne won a Lifetime Environmental Achievement Award. Not too shabby. Both good stewards of our home; Earth!

Here’s what I pulled from Wikipedia, which is not an end all, but a beginning.

Photo by: Nayta Kuinka

Browne was one of the leaders of the antinuclear movement and founded MUSE (Musicians United for Safe Energy) with Bonnie Raitt and John Hall in 1979. He was also an active member of the Abalone Alliance and the Alliance for Survival. According to environmental activist Ed Begley, Jr., “He’s got this big wind turbine, and his ranch is completely off the [power] grid”, Begley said. “He’s done all of it himself.”

Browne campaigns against the unnecessary use of water in plastic bottles and takes steps to reduce usage on his tours. He is part of the movement “Plastic Free Backstage”.

In April 2008, the Surf Industry Manufacturers Association gave Browne the honor of “Environmentalist of the Year”.

Browne received the Duke LEAF Award for Lifetime Environmental Achievement in the Fine Arts in 2010 for his environmental activism and efforts to make his tours more “green”.

Save Our Shores (SOS), an ocean-advocacy group in California, honored Browne with their Ocean Hero Award on February 23, 2011. SOS and mayor of Santa Cruz, CaliforniaRyan Coonerty, proclaimed the date “Jackson Browne Day” in the City of Santa Cruz to honor Browne’s social, environmental and anti-plastic activism, and as a founding member of Plastic Pollution and an initiator of the REFUSE Disposable Plastics Campaign.

Browne also attended the TEDx Great Pacific Garbage Patch conference, performing a new song, “If I Could Be Anywhere”, which laments mankind’s destruction of the earth and giving hope to activism.

Here is a clip from a TED Talk production: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P0uG8YF_NiM

Type Jackson Browne into any search engine and you will find a plethora of information about him and the work he does with environmental projects. Thank you Mr. Jackson Browne!

Mr. Jackson Browne, you are awarded
‘Swamp Dog’ Katie’s 5-Paw Rating!

Laura Kneib and Swamp Dog Katie


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