I am the Village Soapsmith…

… or, The Village Idiot, depending on which day you show up here at our smithy.

lady with feet in old-fashioned-tubThankfully, most often, I am the Soapsmith (and not the Village Idiot) making soap from scratch using oils, water and an alkali ( lye). I make beautiful and natural soap in what is known as a ‘Smithy,’ the workplace of a ‘smith.’ There are many kinds of smiths including, but not limited to the following: blacksmiths, tinsmiths, goldsmiths, coppersmiths, arrowsmiths or locksmiths.

In times past a person would go to the smithy to have an item created or mended. A person would go to a blacksmith for anything having to do with iron; and to an arrowsmith to have arrowheads made. In my case, folks come to my smithy to purchase soap or have special soap created to their specifications.

Soapsmiths have been making soap for nearly 5000 years, so what we do here at our smithy is nothing new, until you get to the part about how we create it and what our soap looks like, and then it becomes a horse of a different color.

puget sound 2016The visible differences are the beautiful designs and colors that come from the recipes we have created. Here at our earth-friendly smithy we use vegetable oils instead of animal fat, and then incorporate reclaimed soy oil as part of our recipes; to the tune of 4 and a half tons over the last three years!

We never use chemicals, detergents (SLS), parabens, titanium dioxide, or synthetic ingredients to make our soap; staying as close to Mother Nature as possible in this modern world. We use natural oils and colorants; olive oil, coconut oil, sustainable palm oil, soy oil, indigo powder, turmeric, cumin, alkanet root, madder root, and even dandelion greens and sea lettuce!

Come into town and do what your ancestors did, visit your local smithy for all your special needs like soap, armor, wagon wheels, cutlery, furniture and fabric; it’s the right thing to do and the fun thing to do! If your domicile is too far away from our smithy, do what present day people do, and order some of our fantastic soap via our catalog!

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