Holy Moly Batman – Bath Bombs with Pink Himalyan Salt

relaxing in the tub, by Fritz
Relaxing in the Tub, by Fritz

If you love a soak in the tub with a fizzy, relaxing bath bomb, you have got to toss in one or two of our Pomegranate Mango Bath Bombs. Talk about love at first fizz… Whoa!

First the beautiful scent will have you all a-twitter, as it floats out of the fizz action. Then the relaxing and ever so soothing Pink Himalayan Salt starts to melt and surround you. It heals, it sooths it seduces you.

If you are somehow able keep the bath water warmer longer, you will, because you won’t want to get out. The roomate, the husband, or the children will be banging on the door because you are holding the only bathroom in the house hostage. But… YOU DON’T CARE because this is the best you’ve felt in days, weeks, months… eons.

Back in the day there was a slogan “Calgon Take Me Away” for a bath product… these Pink Himalayan Salt laden Pomegranate Mango Bath Bombs are Better, Best, Out of this world yummy. The scent and richness will not only take you away… you’ll land in another galaxy!

You’ll close your eyes and let the soft, warm water caress you. Your body relaxes and the world begins to melt away.

Meanwhile, back at the only bathroom door in the house, firemen from Local 242 are whacking away with their axes to rescue you, because surely, you must be drowned.

Did I mention you are holding the only bathroom in the house hostage?

The banging gets louder. Splinters of wood start flying as the huge axe breaks through the door.

Ever so quickly, you jump up and through this oasis of salt and delicious cocoa butter that lightly coats your skin leaving it soft and lucious and oh so good; wrapping the warm Turkish Cotton towel around you. It is sumptuously warm after hanging over the heating vent; you swoon and start to melt.

You slump down and onto the only ‘seat’ in the room, just as the bravest, most handsome of firemen breaks through the door (it took awhile because it was a solid wood door that can’t be replaced without some serious bucks) and swoops to your side. On his face, cinder, soot and concern warm you, as he kneels down and looks through you with the most gorgious and penetrating eyes you’ve ever seen. He gets closer, closer and tilts his head to press his lips against yours to revive you. The scent is sweet. His face is surrounded by a beautiful mist as you close your eyes. You part your lips…



… and then, you wake up!


The facts, Ma’am… only the facts:

Bathing — Enjoy a detoxifying Himalayan salt bath. Its nutrients will stimulate your circulation and soothe sore muscles. Himalayan salt contains 80+ nourishing and skin-friendly minerals, so this bath will provide a healing and amazingly therapeutic experience for both body and soul.

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