Holly Berries & Mr. and Mrs. Robin

I was just sitting on the porch with the girls, Molly and young Miss Nellie, our cocker spaniels and watching the world wake up. It was quiet so even the quietest of sounds were making themselves known.

Next I knew, all three of us were watching the holy tree’s branches moving by the hopping around of Mr. and Mrs Robin; they were having a morning snack of holly berries.

I had no idea they robins would eat holly berries, or that any bird would. Turns out robins will when there are not any sweet berries on which to snack. Right now, the raspberries are are over, we haven’t any strawberries this year and the blackberries are still a long way down the road from being edible… just the beautiful blooms are showing.

If you are in the Great Pacific Northwest, or in the Puget Sound region where we are and you have a holly tree or two… watch for hungry robins munching on the berries.