Heat Advisory in Effect!

IMG_20160604_185943Over the course of the next few days, we here in the western part of Washington State are under a heat advisory. Be sure to drink plenty of water and don’t overdue in the warmest hours of the day.

If you are runner, do it in the morning or cool of the evening, away from asphalt, if possible. Head on over to several of our beautiful tree-coverd parks that are by the bay where the breeze off the water is cool.

If you have pets, make sure their water bowls do not go empty. Do not leave them in your car in such heat. Better still, leave them at home, because even with open windows, it can get terribly hot inside a car.

We love you and your pets and we want you safe, so take good care, especially during a heat advisory!

Effects of heat on handmade soap.

Over the course of the summer, many customers ask me if it is okay to leave soap in their car while they wander about town shopping, dining and running errands. They are worried that their soap will melt.

Unlike candles that will become soft and even bend into interesting shapes in excessive heat, soap is just fine and will not melt. If you have purchased soap that is packaged in a plastic wrapper, do keep it out of direct sunlight as the sun will make the natural glycerin and bit of moisture in the soap go to vapor and fog up the packaging. The soap will still be quite useable, but is not nearly as attractive. Just make sure your soap is covered or in a bag, out of direct sunlight and you’ll be good to go!