2017 Recycler of the Year Award Winner!

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2017 Recycler of the Year Award Winner!

We made a mad-dash road trip to Pasco, WA to accept the 2017 Recycler of the Year (ROY) Award from the Washington State Recycling Association (WSRA)! First Kneib gave a short talk at a great luncheon, then sat on the panel of winners to field questions. At the Awards Dinner later that evening, we accepted our beautiful award that is made from recycled glass by Bedrock Industries in Seattle, WA.

We came away from the conference with some crackerjack ideas, including a costume swap from Jenna McInnis, who represented and accepted the ROY Award for the City of Kirkland, WA. “said Kneib. “They have a wonderful costume swap a few weeks before Halloween to make use of costumes kids have grown out of or never got to use. “The Downtown Bremerton Association puts on the most fantastic Halloween event each year. It would be fantastic to incorporate a costume swap a couple of weeks before the festivities, and Jane Doe is excited to share how they do it in Kirkland.”


At F.R.O.G. Soap we reclaim, reuse, repurpose and recycle; and then repeat those processes over and over, each and every day!

frogsoap6692_whg16f-768x528Reclaimed Material:
At present we have reclaimed and reused nearly 5 tons of material, the bulk of that being relcaimed French fryer oil (soy) and corregated cardboard. Each bar of our earth-friendly soap represents a tad over a quarter pound of reclaimed material.

After filtering our locally sourced veggie oil to the nth degree we use it as an ingredient in all our soap, shampoo and shaving cakes.

img_20170102_111840Corrugated Cardboard:
We source clean cardboard from locally, and then strip off the top layer to reveal the ripples or corrugation layer. We use that to wrap around our bars of soap. Not only does the corrugated cardboard protect our beautiful handcrafted soap, it makes for a very snappy packaging design! But we don’t stop there. We also use this stripped out cardboard to make our very dazzling note and greeting cards.

card-proverbRecycled paper:
All our labels, signs and cards are printed on recycled paper. All paper coming into the shop via the post, is reused by cutting it in quarter sheets to use as scrap paper for notes, in a box to ship out our products or takes a journey out to the recycle bin. We also flatten shipping paper and print our ever-popular F.R.O.G. Soap Bucks on it. We offer these bucks at events: 1 F.R.O.G. Soap Buck for every $10 spent e.g. $20 would net 2 F.R.O.G. Soap Bucks. Keep an eye out for them! Give them to friends or redeem them yourself.

img_20170102_111135Packing Popcorn:
Inevitably, we receive styrofoam packing popcorn and paper in our supply shipments. We turn that around and use it to ship our products to you. We print a lovely little reminder and include it in your package to reuse or reclaim that packaging when sending your packages or by taking it to a local shipping business.

img_20170102_093717#5 Plastic caps, bottles and containers:
Our hand cream and lip balm are packaged in #5 plastic jars. We encourage our customers to bring the empty containers back to us, or ship them directly to Gimme 5 where they recycled and turned in to all kinds of earth-friendly products, including toothbrushes and plasticware.

If you have #5 plastic that needs to be recycled, bring ’em down to the shop and we’ll recycle them for you. You can also take them to a WholeFoods Store near you. Look for the Gimme 5 bin.

img_20170102_111630Shipping pallets:
We use shipping pallets that have been kicked to the curb to make our loaf soap molds, curing rack boards and Wooden Soap Decks.

We make use of Mother Natures gifts to color and enhance many of our products. Locally grown lavender is used in so many of our products. We infuse lavender into oil, we put it in organza bags as favors, we make scented wands and make beautiful fire starter bundles from the stalks. We also tie sprigs of lavender to packages and dandelionfavors. We collect and dry dandelion greens and used it to color our soap. We also collect sea lettuce, dry it and put it in several of our bars, including Puget Sound and Gardener’s Soap. It is healing and gentle on the skin as well as a great colorant. Straight from the cubboard we use paprika, cumin, tumeric and cocoa powder as colorants… natural and beautiful.