Good Grief! You’ve got to be kidding me.

A young family and child came into the shop a few days ago. The child had a shiny object in hand and was making it spin constantly.

I have since learned that said object is a Fidget Spinner, has no earthly purpose, save being spun around and no doubt the most useless item I have ever seen in my life. A shiny pebble would have been a better object to give the kid, at least it wouldn’t use up energy and resources to make a ‘nothing’ object. And, maybe the kid would have learned what kind of stone he was holding and how it happened to find itself on the ground in front of him. The Spinner, nothing more than t mom and dad spending money on something useless, so the kid can be pacified and consequently, ignored.

I’ve read the Spinner is to keep children or children-like adults busy and/or calmer. Used to be parents would garner the child’s attention by teaching him about the world around him or by making or building things.  We were also taught to use our minds, not our hands when out and about.

I cannot imagine wasting valuable time by spinning an object around in my fingers that is meant for nothing else. Earth-friendly wise, this useless object is on par with those horrid plastic Kurick Coffee cup inserts that are piling up in the landfills.  Neither is good for the human or the planet and does nothing to tickle the mind; nothing at all!

Parents and guardian are the first teachers – so teach, don’t give the kid a ‘nothing’ to occupy his time so he doesn’t bother you, and then ignore him.

Humans children are smart and are just waiting to learn everything you throw at them. Don’t treat them like rocks and expect them to turn into a diamond. That’s not the way it works.