Fads – They Happen

Fads – They Happen

Fads have been coming and, thankfully, going throughout history. Today those fads have folks removing hair from some parts of their bodies and having it put on in others. They poke holes in their skin, add jewelry to those places and then color the rest.

Some of these fads fade away, but not all do. I’ve talked to young people that truly believe the gauges in their ears, cheeks and lip will grow back and others who believe that they can have those huge tattoos remove when they tire of them. Too bad these folks did not do their research before they jumped on board the fad train.

Famous Fads through the Ages included fall-out shelters, hula hoops, ant farms, beehive hair-do’s, sitting atop flag poles and swallowing gold fish. Thankfully most the fads over the ages did not include altering your naturally beautiful self, and merely ran the gauntlet of clothing, toys and hair styles.

But as fads do happen and continue to happen, such as hair removed from delicate places, hair attached to other places, and tattoos from head to toe, you should take care of your new look.

Brazilian Wax:

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Our Calendula Cream is free of chemicals and most importantly, alcohol! Applying a layer of our Calendula Cream two to three times a day on your tattoo will help in the healing process and will not interfere with color or create a reaction.

I’m an old lady who has seen a lot nutty fads come and go, I implore you to do your research! Do not ask your friends, because most of your friends aren’t really your friend at all, just a passing acquaintance that looks like a friend. The acquaintance/friend is merely someone who wants you to do something they are afraid to do alone. Participating in any activity, on a lark, can be a painful lesson to the uninformed. Understand how it will affect you and those around you. Fads can be fun, but know what it is before you take it on.

A wiggling goldfish in your belly may not be quite as fun as you thought, not to mention how the goldfish may feel. Like as not, you just condemned an innocent and unsuspecting fish to drunkenness, and certain death, as soon as it hits your stomach.

Tattoo being removed.

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