Enterprise Mfg. No. 0 Coffee Grinder!

img_20161113_094730Meet our new/old Enterprise Mfg. No. 0 coffee grinder. Not quite steamy and hot off the shelf technology, because it was made in the late 1800’s, but it works beautifully. No electricity necessary, just arm power.

Pick your grind from very coarse to very fine espresso by a twist of a thumbscrew and you are on your way to a perfect grind.

We are no strangers to vintage, people-powered appliances e.g. grinders, sausage stuffers, meat grinders, cast iron frying pans, butter churns, graters and a sausage press, having grown up with them in our parents kitchens.

img_20161113_094314Tired of the grinder at the grocery store that would grind too coarse or smell like some kind of flavored coffee that had just been run through, and those annoying little electric jobs for home that whine and whir, we wandered back to simplicity and function.

Our ‘new’ Enterprise grinder will not wear out in the near future nor in the next couple hundred years after we are no longer walking on the planet.

If you are on a journey to move off the ‘grid,’ find a lovely hand coffee grinder. They are very relaxing and easy to use, pleasing to the eye, people-powered and do a fantastic job. Perfect!