Dirty-Fingered Flower Rustlers

Gaping wounds left in the dirt last night, after the dirty-fingered flower rustlers made off with our petunias and lobelia.

Last evening,  ‘dirty-fingered’ flower rustlers made off with several petunias, lobelia along with dirt, from the huge pot that graces the front of our little shop!

Last year I replaced the flowers 3 times after flower rustlers purloined the helpless little dears. I finally stopped replacing the flowers and dirt due to cost and absolute frustration. In their stead, I taped pictures of flowers on chop sticks and poked them in the dirt. Strangely enough, the rustlers didn’t take those, considering the photos were very nice!

dirt trail
Dirt trail left by the flower rustlers when they made off with my flowers and their dirt!

To head the rustlers off at the pass, I did ring up the police to let them know the theft occurred in the night or possibly in the wee hours of the morning, as I expect the rustlers will return in the night to scurry away the remaining flowers; and their dirt.

Officer Friendly said that he would alert the night patrol about the cretin(s) who are making off with my flowers (my words, not his). Officer Friendly figured it would be fairly easy to spot someone carrying around petunias and their dirt… or just the dirty hands of said rustlers. Who knows, maybe Officer Friendly or his night time counterparts will ‘finger’ the dastardly flower rustlers.

I do hope the dirty-fingered flower rustlers will, at the very least, plant the purloined flowers somewhere nice and not just toss them on their way to their next job.

anti theft device for hanging planters
This is the ‘Baskit Geni’ anti-theft device I put on our hanging baskets to thwart dirt-fingered flower rustlers.

I knew hanging flower baskets out front would be just asking for rustlers to make off with them, so I put anti-theft devices on them… thank you very much Jacqueline Williams, creator of the Baskit Geni. I expect if a dirty-fingered flower rustler really wants those baskets they will find a way to take them. The Baskit Geni makes the task a lot more difficult and thwarts the hit and run sort of flower rustler.

In the end, it would be much nicer if the flowers and their dirt stayed where I put them so all are able to enjoy them.

May a bird of paradise fly up the rustler’s noses, may an elephant caress the cretin with their toes, may their wives be cursed with runners in their hose. (I knew those lyrics would come in handy some day!)

May you all have a day filled with happiness and flowers. If you happen upon the flowers that used to live in front of the shop, tell them I said ‘\”Hello,” and I miss them very much!