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Jackson Browne – Musician, Composer, Environmentalist and a Winner of our prestigious Swamp Dog Katie’s 5-Paw Rating!

Today I am away from the shop, at home, and doing chores. A day away from the shop is certainly not a day off; not by a long shot! When doing chores, I listen to music, usually via Pandora; this afternoon asking for Jackson Browne. Between washing windows (with the earth-friendly soap I make, not […]

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Fads – They Happen

Fads – They Happen Fads have been coming and, thankfully, going throughout history. Today those fads have folks removing hair from some parts of their bodies and having it put on in others. They poke holes in their skin, add jewelry to those places and then color the rest. Some of these fads fade away, […]

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Good Grief! You’ve got to be kidding me.

A young family and child came into the shop a few days ago. The child had a shiny object in hand and was making it spin constantly. I have since learned that said object is a Fidget Spinner, has no earthly purpose, save being spun around and no doubt the most useless item I have […]

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