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2017 Recycler of the Year Award Winner!

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We make all of our beautiful soap by hand in small batches, for purity and freshness. Our earth-friendly ingredients are sourced locally when available. You will find the most wonderful products in the all the land, right here!
    Ellen Bruton

    Window display, product design and the best Customer Support ever!

    Ellen Bruton
    Assistant Production Manager
    Swamp Dog Molly

    Greeter in training!

    Swamp Dog Molly
    Assistant Greeter and Cookie Tester
    Swamp Dog Katie

    Greeter Training Instructor

    Swamp Dog Katie
    Chief Greeter and Cookie Tester
    Laura Kneib

    Chief Cook and Bottle Washer

    Laura Kneib
Earth-Friendly and Chemical Free!
Always a step ahead

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Ideas and concepts

Earth-friendly and chemical free! We have reclaimed over 4.5 tons of precious veggie oil, cardboard and packaging materials!

Customer Orders!

We turn your wedding and party favor ideas into reality


We ship around the corner and throughout the world

We make customized soap and packaging

Bed & Breakfast, Gift Shops, Hotels, Inns...