A Sister in Italy

My sister, not a nun-type sister, but a sister all the same, is in Italy for a month; and, she is hanging out with her daughter, Sam and their priest, Father John.

I have been checking the weather each day in Rome while they are there and can’t help wondering what it is like; what it smells like, what it tastes like, the colors, the sounds…

Today it is in the 80’s and it shall rain. Isn’t that the most wonderful thing? To walk in the rain in Rome. I cannot think of anything better to do on a Friday, than walk in the rain, a half a world away. My heart soars for my sister and what she is experiencing.

I found a wonderful photo, the one you see at the top of this page, via a photographer (Photo by Pavel Kosov on Unsplash) to share with you. I’d take a photo myself, but alas, I am here in Bremerton, WA and took photos of lavender in the front yard instead. Bremerton… Rome… there is lavender in both places so I have bridged the gap!

To my sister in Rome. May you sip the morning rain and savour the sweetness.